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Our Story

The Original Handcrafted British Gin

Greenall’s consists of a blend of 8 of the finest botanicals sourced from around the world from Tuscan juniper, to delicate Moroccan coriander and zesty Spanish lemons. A classic British gin using natural flavours makes Greenall’s a perfect choice for all gin lovers.


The History Of Greenall's

Hand crafted by England’s Oldest Gin Distillery; Greenall’s Gin remains true to our founder’s vision to create the first quality crafted gin. The Greenall’s recipe remains original and is closely guarded by just seven master distillers in our 250 year history.

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The Process

Masters of our craft

Our entire process of crafting Greenall’s Gin is overseen by our 7th Master Distiller, Joanne Moore. Joanne, along with our masters of craft, focus on crafting exceptional new gins for the Greenall’s portfolio and ensuring every batch is produced to perfection including each botanical being weighed and placed into the distillery’s beautiful copper stills by hand.

Forever the Holy Trinity

The backbone to Greenall’s Gin

Mature Citrus

Lemon & Coriander
Spain is well known for growing ‘table lemons’ which are sold widely throughout the UK and Germany and are what we would expect to find in our gin and tonic at home.

Round Juniper

The berries are handpicked by shaking the branches of the juniper bush, which are pruned to encourage low, width growth which makes picking easier. The berries that are ripe and ready will fall from the branches, whereas the un-ripened berries will remain for the following harvest.

Warm, Earthy, Savoury Spice

Angelica root, Almond, Liquorice, Cassia & Orris
Angelica root gives the woody earthy flavours where the powders of Almond, liquorice, Cassia and Orris help with the warm spicy finish.

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