Greenall’s, The Original London Dry Gin, has been distilled in the UK’s oldest gin distillery for over 250 years

1. The Ingredients

Before the distillation begins the botanicals are added by hand to our copper still along with a mixture of grain neutral spirit and water sourced from the foothills of the local Cheshire Plains. The botanicals are then rested in the spirit and water to allow the flavours to infuse.



2. The Distillation

Using steam, the liquid is heated until it vaporises, taking all the essential oils and aromas of the botanicals. The vapour is cooled, condensed, and collected as a concentrated spirit.




3. The ‘Hearts’

Only the ‘heart’ of the distillate is chosen to create our gin. Any residual liquids (the ‘heads’ and the ‘tails’) which are created at the start and the end of the process are discarded. Our Master Distiller then adjusts this spirit.


The Greenall’s recipe remains a closely guarded secret, known only to the 7 master distillers who have crafted the gin for generations. Greenall’s Original London Dry Gin is expertly distilled using a blend of the finest botanicals from around the world. Perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter, you’ll notice notes of juniper, coriander seeds, angelica and lemon amongst other botanicals.


Joanne Moore


In 1996 Joanne Moore began working at Greenall’s as a quality manager and 10 years later was awarded the accolade of Master Distiller. This makes her one of the first female Gin Master Distillers in the World. Joanne has recently been selected as a member of The Gin Guild in recognition of her services to the Gin industry.